Liveish “SmitteStop” data data data data data

Q: What is this?
A: Look at the title.

Q: How?
A: Scraped from the app.

Q: What am I looking at?
A: The app generates a new random Temporary Exposure Keys (TEK) daily. From this TEK it is possible to generate a new Rolling Proximity Identifier every 10 minute that is broadcasted using Bluetooth. If a user tests positive for Covid-19, it is possible to upload your last 14 TEKs.  
Tell me more The graph below show each of the TEKs that Smitte|Stop downloads and compare against. After 14 days a TEK will expire and the graph will decrease.

Q: Data?
A: Raw data, last updated: 2020-10-01 02:27:09, updates every 30 min.

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